Free Prestashop Module: Gallery Pro

Prestashop is a great open source which won the Open Source Business Applications Award – a prestigious award by Packt Publishing. And Prestashop Module is a powerful tool to help you design and promote website during your sales. I want to introduce to you Gallery Pro – an amazing module which aims to show your gallery of product images, photos of your real store and shop events and so on to attract customers when they visit to online shopping.

photo gallery pro prestashop module

photo gallery pro prestashop module

Certainly, when using Gallery Pro, you can create and arrange your own albums and sub-albums with separated subjects, categories or other criterions.

Besides, this module integrated an effective feature which is Review and Rating. Showing photos is one of the ways help to approach the customers in a most quick and easy way. When the customers upload the photos, view album description, photo thumbnail or full photos, they can find it attractive and trust in what they will purchase.

In addition, they also can select slide show mode to view photo. Moreover, it is very easy for admin to manage album or photos and save time to configure them. This module can help your customer do that and help you decorate your website more gorgeous.

There are many distinguish features inside this module:

  1. Manage photo album easily, create multiple album level simlly.
  2. Support Multi View Mode: Simple, Detail, Slideshow
  3. Integrate Color Box in slideshow mode.
  4. Integrate with Review & Rating feature.
  5. Allow customers to view or rate photos
  6. Support show latest photos in Left or Right position or None.
  7. Support Friendly URL which is good for SEO
  8. Support photo/album thumbnail in Back Office
  9. Paginate photo/album following setting of Admin
  10. Set number of photos that will be displayed in Gallery Pro block
  11. Allow to show slide in album or not
  12. Support auto play slide
  13. Support resizing photos in slide show when they are too big
  14. Allow customers to upload their photos via Front Office.
  15. Configure the layout show: Left, Right, Both or None
  16. View thumbnail photos with detail or simple mode settings.
  17. Allow to show photo updated date, title, description, rate or not
  18. Have multiple theme and animation speed for setting Slide show
  19. Have Friendly Back Office management
  20. Have multiple language support.
  21. Easy to install, easy to upgrade, just copy to use
  22. Friendly and flexible configuration
  23. Easy to customize front-end via HTML/CSS
  24. 100% open-source
  25. 14 days money back
  26. Support free guarantee
  27. Upgrade free guarantee

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Scroll to Top and Accordion slider Prestashop modules

We would like to announce release of our new modules which will be useful in your store. By these modules you will make your site easily to survey by customers. Modules tested on Prestashop 1.4+.

Below we are presenting you the best and the most beautiful and fully functional jQuery modules which will certainly increase your website`s pageviews!

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Scroll to top module will add a button that hovers in the bottom right corner of your screen that allow users to smoothly scroll up.

scroll to top module 548x404 Scroll to Top and Accordion slider Prestashop modules

Demo | Download

The module allows you to upload images from your computer, which will then be used to generate a jQuery Accordion of the images. Each image can also be given a title and a URL.

accordion prestashop slider 548x209 Scroll to Top and Accordion slider Prestashop modules
Demo | Download

If you use one of our modules, please feel free to share your site with our followers.

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Shopping gets easier with Prestashop v1.4

3G Poster 548x328 Shopping gets easier with Prestashop v1.4

Shopping gets easier with Prestashop v1.4 and upper versions. Firstly, we want to thank all of our customers for their feedback and cooperation.

We updated almost all of our prestashop templates to Prestashop v1.4.6.2.  Up to now we have released 10 templates for Prestashop v1.4.x, 9 templates for v1.3.x, 2 free templates for 1.3.x, 3 free modules and custom templates. Taking into account high prices for Prestashop Templates on the web, we developed a right combination of more affordable high quality prestashop templates and agile customer support. Feel free to share the experiences you had with us in comments below including a link of your website.

Our prices start from 49€. We also make discounts for those who want to buy bundle of templates. Just drop us a line.

Here is the list of prestashop templates organised by categories but you can use any template for any type of product.

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How to Add Cufon to Prestashop E-commerce

For a long time, the sites were filled with standard fonts and they became very boring. Then most recently from Simo Kinnunen came cufón, which we will explain how to add cufon to your Prestashop ecommerce shop sites. It’s easy, lightweight and fast. We also used cufon in our site and in some of our designs. Let’s start how to use cufon script in prestashop.

You need to download the javascript file which will render your custom font inside your HTML. Go to the and click to “Download” then save file as “cufon-yui.js” in your computer or just right click over “Download” tab and click to “Save Link As…”.

save cufon 548x281 How to Add Cufon to Prestashop E commerce

Now it is time to generate our font. To generate cufon font click on the “Regular typeface” filed and browse your desired font type . You may also browse bold typeface, italic and bold italic typeface font files. Then check off the EULAs and the Terms of Agreement. After doing that, you have to check off  required glyps. Check off glyps which are important to you otherwise file size will be high and this time your site download speed will decrease. We will generate “Rockwell true type” font.

generate cufon font 548x312 How to Add Cufon to Prestashop E commerce

Firstly, upload both of  ”cufon-yui.js” and “Rockwell_400.font.js” under “[root]/themes/prestashop/js/”.  Secondly, you have to edit header.tpl to add some javascript code to activate cufon. Also make sure that cufon-yui.js is called before the font.js file.

To begin the replacement process – create a custom script like below:

Cufon.replace(‘div.block h4, #center_column h1′);

cufon codes prestashop 548x162 How to Add Cufon to Prestashop E commerce

You may target to specific CSS classes and Ids.

prestashop1 548x349 How to Add Cufon to Prestashop E commerce

That is all about cufon. By using cufon your shop will be attractive. You may get more information and find out more about the specific of Cufon styling  from here.

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